Friday, June 13, 2008

New Idiom

I have variously been known and noted for my wit and social commentary but one thing has escaped the limelight and this despite having been named by Kelefa Sanneh as one of the "most influential under-30 culture icons you've never heard of"; the fact that few know the impact and visionary effect I've had on every day English. I have coined numerous sentences, portmanteau words, and expressions that ended up on TV, in the mouths of celebutantes, or spoken with authority in barber shops (I was saying "it is what it is" before the sentence became what it became); unfortunately for me all those things caught on virally and no one could point with authority to the source, to the originator.

This is an effort to change this, from now on I will publish my new sayings on the internet and let the power of Google indexing determine with absolute certainty the source of the latest catch phrase.

The first idiom of this series is:

"Hotter than a cat in heat on a hot tin roof" which pretty much means hotter than a moterfucker but like, way, way hotter.

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