Tuesday, July 11, 2006

chickenade is the new jawn

today while washing my dishes i came up with a brand new slang word: chickenade which means any type of large chicken dish.

the origin of the word can be traced back to a potluck dinner i was to attend this evening where instead of bringing prepared dishes we'd bring the ingredients and do some communal cooking. as i was thinking of what to bring, i thought i'd tell the host that "i could contribute chicken but not enough to make a chickenade" as in i'd bring some but somebody else would probably need to bring some as well for everybody to be satisfied.

the analogy of the sentence that spawned what will be known as "the word" in the annals of slang and urban emancipation, is "i've got some lemons but not enough to make some lemonade."

other example of use:
if they dont have general tso's just get me any kind of chickenade from chinese takeout.


i'm tired of eating chickenade, where's the beef?


Nicholas Kopec said...

jamoms a cracka and a chicken head. so does that make her of chickenade?

Tim Burbank said...

Frikkin Update already.