Thursday, June 15, 2006

the rise and fall of western civilization

“For more than forty years, the homosexual activist movement has sought to implement a master plan that has had as its centerpiece the utter destruction of the family,” James Dobson, the head of Focus on the Family(a prominent evangelical Christian non-profit organization), has said on Monday. “Barring a miracle, the family as it has been known for more than five millennia will crumble, presaging the fall of Western civilization itself.”

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marbas said...

i always wonder about the pseudo christians worried about the "fall of the western civ" don't they realise that a requirement for the return of the messiah is the apocalypse? if allowing gay marriage will result in so much chaos i say bring it on!

on a more serious note there was recently a hate crime against a gay performer in the east village which shocked me to say the least as nyc is meant to be the most liberal of cities. i think this is symptomatic of the message being send by the US gov. that gay people are not entitled to all of the same rights as other citizens. I think we may be seeing the beginnings of a Civil Rights Movement Redux particularly if we see another bigot in the office in '08...