Saturday, October 23, 2004

In Toronto!!!

Will write all about my visit when I come back. Here's a joke told by a bum to solicit donations: "How do you piss off Winnie the Poo?" ... "Put two fingers in his honey." har har har.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

They took my senior portrait today. I dressed up for the occasion but refused to wear a tie. The woman taking the pictures was being obnoxious telling me to tilt my head just a little more left, to turn my body to the right, to relax my shoulders, to smile, to not smile, to look in the camera etc etc. Those pictures better end up looking great.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'm honestly a little disappointed with blogger, I thought that its mere association with google would garantee a great product and service but just the opposite turned out to be true. It's so lousy in fact, that yesterday the system lost my entry which I replaced with a picture of Kim Jong Il wearing stylish aviators.

Today I didnt really feel like waking up because I had a midterm at one thirty. I never really feel like waking up, I'm so comfotable in my sleep. The way I would envision happiness is abig bed (at least twice my height in the length and three times my height in the width so roughly a 4 by 6 meter bed) where I would sleep uninterruped in big white sheets. The bed would be in a big room (big beds require big rooms) with big (big is good) windows overlooking some sort of beautiful landscape, a well-kept garden, a lake or the ocean maybe. The happiness in my vision wouldnt lie in the size of my bed or in the view but rather in the fact that I would be constantly watched by someone I loved in the sense that every single time I'd wake up, I'd wake up to the smile of my watcher. I would smile back and discuss my dreams, my thoughts and the watcher would listen, nod, agree and provide for great conversations. Satisfied with our exchange I would feint going back to sleep then slowly open one eye and try to catch my watcher not smiling or not watching affectionately before ultimately giving up on the whole silly idea and falling back to sleep. Of course I'd be bored if I did nothing but sleeping, not to mention I'd be dead; that's why when I wouldnt be sleeping and talking to my watcher I've decided I'd read books, write letters and eat food served and ordered in my bed.

I didnt even have breakfast this morning. No wonder people say I'm skinny. I'm skipping all my damn meals. I took my exam on an empty stomach. I dont think I did too badly, it was comprised of nothing but trick questions. There's almost no point in studying for those types of exams. I'll get my results next week but the problem with that class is that everybody in it is so damn smart.

It was Claudine's birthday today so we had lunch after my exam and caught up on things. I dont know why I didnt like her like that when I could have.

I'm still very hungry, food is so depressing.

The good thing that happened to me today was that I received a phone call from a telemarketer. Normally they annoy the hell out of me but this phone call had me laughing out loud because I managed to have the woman on the phone hang up on me. She asked me if I was a Penn student, told me I was eligible for a credit card and all that stuff and all I kept on saying was "uhhh hmmmmmmmm" as if I was being convinced by her offer, I kept on saying it even when I didnt have to, I just said it because it was a funny sound. Finally she asked if I could spell my name "for security purposes", I waited a second to come up with a witty answer but only came up with a forceful "NO!" Then she hung up without saying anything. I'm still laughing.
In the dark with the shades.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Victory! Posted by Hello
Today Shahnaz left. She made her bed, packed her luggages and left. So far I havent really felt anything, mostly because I've been too busy catching up on work and really just reading The Catcher in the Rye, but tomorrow when I wake up to not be greeted by her smile and a "bonjour stef!", then it'll hit me and I'll miss her. Writing about her actually makes me miss her already...Odd isnt, that I could just miss her by writing that I'll miss her? I bet that if you wrote about being happy, it would make you happy, and if you wrote about being sad, it would make you sad. Somebody ought to do a thesis about this and publish the results.

The saddest part about Shahnaz leaving is that I didnt really get a chance to hang out with her. That's the problem with people like her, they're loved by everyone and spend all their free time shuttling between friends. Ohh well there will be other girls. I put that last sentence in italics because it's an inside joke I share with this other girl Emily that basically evolved into a philosophy on life; if things dont go your way, if you had a bad grade, stepped into a pudlle of mud, anything bad really just shrug and say to yourself ohh well there will be other girls.
Anyways I found a picture of me holding a flag where I thought I looked fairly sexy but havent figured out yet how to upload it on this blogger thing. I keep clicking on the image button but nothing happens. I hope I dont have to pay for that service because that would blow.

Ohh well there will be other girls.